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Print and media translation

Print and media translation refers to the transposition, into a foreign language, of content intended for a company’s paper communication:

Press articles
Thematic articles
Communication medium
Internal and external documents
Press releases and press kits

Web translation

Web translation concerns professional content distributed on the Internet and optimized for search engines (SEO):

Feuilles LogoWeb pages
Blog posts
Product information sheets and descriptions
Content marketing

Literary translation

Literary translation is interested in authors’ works. It aims to accurately reproduce the tone, lexical field and style of an author, in a language other than his or her own:

– Biographies
– Plays
– Essays
– Poetry

Film translation

Film translation transcribes, in a foreign language, the specific language, cultural references, tone and style of a script, in accordance with the scriptwriters and the director’s vision:

Capture d_écran 2016-01-28 à 18.04.29Synopsis
– Scripts
– Storyboards
– Director’s Notes
– Subtitling


All translations can be done to and from French or English.


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