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Print and media writing

Print and media writing refers to the creation of content intended for a company’s paper communication (magazines, catalogues, flyers, brochures, etc.):

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Press articles
Thematic articles
Communication medium
Internal and external documents
Press releases and press kits

Web writing

Web writing deals with the creation, formatting and optimisation for search engines (SEO) of professional content distributed on the Internet :

Web pages
Blog posts
Product information sheets and descriptions
– Content marketing

The web writer can also work with you on your blog’s editorial strategy (see also « community management« ). He must then:

Souris Logo– Propose relevant content related to the theme dealt with
– Ensure the validity of the information
– Follow a web editorial charter
– Put content online via a CMS
– Search and integrate the appropriate visuals

Proofreading & Rewriting

To make your content more enjoyable to read, it may require extensive proofreading and rewriting.

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